The process of removing backgrounds depends on the subject. At, we employ clipping paths for general cases, and for intricate subjects like hair or fur, we utilize advanced Photoshop masking. We favor the use of the Pen Tool to create hand-drawn paths for lifelike outcomes, ensuring even the smallest details are captured.

When to use background removal

  • To meet the standards of online platforms like Amazon and eBay
  • When the background is distracting or takes focus away from the subject of the image
  • To showcase the details of your product and make it stand out
  • To draw attention to an object in the foreground
  • If you need to isolate and show specific features of a product or object
  • Create a consistent background across numerous images, like in a product catalog or online store
  • To create a transparent background

When not to use background removal

  • When the current background enhances the object’s context
  • If you’re able to utilize lighting and backdrops to produce product photos with a white background during the shoot

The cost of removing the background is determined by the intricacy of your image and the methods we employ to achieve the ideal final image. Refer to the specifics of our image masking and clipping path services for the various price categories for each service.

A professional photographer

with a lot of work from a recent product photoshoot needs to finish editing their photos.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

Based on your photos’ quality, complexity, and quantity, we can return your files in less than 12 hours. For larger volumes, it may take up to 48 hours. We prioritize your project’s health and ensure timely delivery.

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We accept both. Whether you need our clipping service for a single photo or a thousand, we’ll give your every order just as much attention while working on it.

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