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Carefully hand-drawn clipping path services for crisp, clean photos.

In Photoshop, Clipping Path is a tool used to create outline around an image/product to remove it from its background. It is like cutting an image from magazine using scissor. Sometimes clipping path is called as “deep etching”. When the clipping path is applied to an image, at the “path” palate includes the final cut and then everything outside is left behind without the path area only. Anything you might not need on any image (it would be the background or any unwanted object/person) can be removed easily using clipping path tool in Photoshop software.

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When we usually use the clipping path tool:

  • To knockout/remove the background from the image, object, person or anything.
  • To mask out or hide background without actually hiding or removing it - It needs when designing something (like catalog or anything) using InDesign or QuarkXPress.
  • To make the change to an specific region (like color change, shape change, restoring, etc.) on any product, person or anything.
  • Multi clipping path (in a single “path” palate many individual paths) needs to change color of the product in individual areas.

When not to use clipping path tool:

  • When we find any objects/products/person with fuzzy edges or hair and also if its transparent (use the masking tool instead clipping path).


Though there is lots of techniques and methods removing anything from an image, but there is no any techniques that can ensure the quality achieved by using hand made clipping path using photoshop software and specialists. We use the pen tool in Photoshop software to make the path around the image very precisely for our customers. According to the quality of an image, our experts zoom the image by 200% to 300% to ensure the edge is clipped correctly and this also helps experts to ensure the accurate number and distance of anchor points, which is most important to retain the correct shape of that object/product. Drawing too many anchors of an image results in an inappropriate shape.

Any skilled professionals use pen tool to make the accurate path is beyond precise than its achieved by any automated functions or tools. So, we don’t use any of the automated tools (like Magic Wand to select the path quickly) to create the path around the object. We also tested all sorts of automated software and tools to have the comparison between the manual and automated tools, it is totally imprecise, some parts of the removed background is still visible in the image.

Clipping Path Source is one of the best graphic design solution firm with highly skilled image manipulation and editing professionals. Its nothing matter to us about how many images you might need editing. Simply send them through and get the result within 12 hours.