Ghost mannequin editing is a cost-effective solution for fashion retailers to showcase their products. This process involves photographing the apparel on a mannequin and then editing out the mannequin for a 3D effect. The process is as follows:

  • Take two photos: one with the mannequin wearing the clothing, and another without the mannequin to capture the inside label.
  • Merge the two images at the neck using a clipping path.
  • For items without a neck joint like pants or hats, add volume and texture during editing.
  • Enhance the final image with color correction or shadow effects.

The result is a lifelike image of the apparel, giving the illusion of an invisible form wearing it.

Ghost mannequin pricing varies based on the complexity of the edit. Despite each image being unique, we maintain transparent pricing through standard guidelines. This ensures consistent rates, regardless of the designer.

We classify ghost mannequin edits into two categories: simple and complex. Here’s a brief on our categorization:


1. Simple ghost mannequin:

Starting at 89¢ per image

The simplest ghost mannequin projects involve joining an article of clothing at one place, for example the neck of a t-shirt.


2. Complex ghost mannequins:

Starting at $1.79 per image

More complex ghost mannequin projects require joining multiple parts of an item of clothing, for example neckline and sleeves, or waistband and leg holes. These are also necessary for clothing that comes in more than one piece (a bathing suit, for example) or apparel with cutouts.

A professional photographer

with a lot of work from a recent product photoshoot needs to finish editing their photos.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

Based on your photos’ quality, complexity, and quantity, we can return your files in less than 12 hours. For larger volumes, it may take up to 48 hours. We prioritize your project’s health and ensure timely delivery.

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