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Shadows are important for any picture's impression, texture and sense of depth. There are several types of effects and range from mirroring and reflection. Drop shadow is yet effective. Each effect represents different form of expression for the object you are looking for.Natural shadow, reflection shadow, cast shadow, drop shadow. Among of them reflection shadow is the most used and represents the object in a very different way as you find a sample above. If you are looking for the shadow is not mentioned above, please don't feel hesitate to contact us, our experts can handle any kind of photo treatment requirements.

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Drop Shadow:

This type of shadow makes the object looks like the product is slightly raised above the surface of the object. The object looks like it is floating on the background. This techniques sometimes used to make the product attractive on the Ecommerce websites.

Natural Shadow:

An artificial effect which represents an object with a cast shadow on the background is referred to as a natural shadow. The photo editor has the scope to choose the source of light coming from to make the shadow at opposite direction.

Floating Shadow and Reflection:

When we create a shadow on the object like it’s floating on the background is referred to as Floating shadow. This shadow represents an object that it is not on the solid ground, it appears like the object is floating on the space. This type of shadow is usually used for E-commerce website. Our professionals create this shadow effect very precisely, otherwise this may spoil the whole object and looks like edited and unnatural.

Cast Shadow:

The object has natural shadow in it, but you may need to remove the background keeping the natural shadow. So that you can use that shadow on any different background/surface. In this case our experts have to put the correct level of transparency or opacity on the shadow. Sometimes, our professionals may need to create the natural shadow by hand to have the better output than the original shadow.

When to use shadow effect:

  1. To create a natural look and uniform for the product photos used for your online store/e-commerce site.
  2. When we need to separate/distinguish the product from it’s background, like a white color product on a white background.
  3. To make the product more realistic.
  4. When we need to change the background keeping the original shadow.
  5. To create a depth on the product rather than to have the product on flat background.