Essentially, if you want to edit your final image to make it cleaner, more beautiful, or more refined, retouching is how you make that happen. Retouching will help you fix any issues that couldn’t be addressed at the photo shoot (or that you didn’t notice until you saw the images), or highlight the natural beauty of your models and products. Both professionals and DIY photographers often rely on retouching to get the perfect shot.

Photo retouching is also often referred to as image retouching, Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or Photoshopping.

  • You’re selling clothing, but your shots all have wrinkles that you need to remove so the clothing looks fresh and smooth.
  • You’ve got a photo of a slightly damaged product and need to hide a small crack or other imperfection.
  • You want to add a new object to the shot but didn’t have it on set for the original photo.
  • You need to make sure the visual aesthetic of your models matches your overall brand aesthetic.
  • You can see the photographer’s camera reflected in an object like a glass or bowl of water.

We offer expert photo retouching services, including blemish removal, dust and speck elimination, and wrinkle smoothing. Pricing varies based on the type and complexity of the retouching. We adhere to standard pricing guidelines for transparency, regardless of the designer. Here’s a brief on our pricing categories:


1. Simple dust, spot and scratch removal:

Starting at 69¢ per image

It might be simple, but it sure is tedious. We’ll do a basic cleanup for your images that have a bit of dust, small spots, specks, or blemishes.


2. Complex dust, spot and scratch removal:

Starting at $2.49 per image

The next level of dust, spot and scratch removal is for images with more significant dust or damage. On-site shoot in the middle of the desert? A product that’s been dinged up too many times? To clean up photos with lots of dust or major imperfections, we apply complex dust, spot, and scratch removal.


3. Simple camera reflection removal:

Starting at 79¢ per image

Simple reflection removal is perfect for those times when you’ve got a small amount of reflection that shouldn’t be there. Maybe you’ve caught your reflection in your subject’s glasses, or you’ve just caught a bit of reflection in a small or straightforward surface — simple camera reflection removal will clear it up quick.


4. Complex camera reflection removal:

Starting at $2.99 per image

Complex camera reflection removal is saved for these times when there’s a large reflective surface that has major camera reflections visible. We’ll make sure every surface is clear and reflection-free.


5. Simple wrinkle removal from fabric:

Starting at 99¢ per image

Simple wrinkle removal is important but another tedious, detail-oriented job. We use simple wrinkle removal techniques when you have a few wrinkles on a single-hue fabric.


6. Complex wrinkle removal from fabric:

Starting at $1.49 per image

It takes a lot more work and time to clean up severely wrinkled fabric or wrinkles on a patterned design. Advanced wrinkle removal techniques will make sure your products look symmetric and natural.


7. Simple beauty airbrushing:

Starting at $1.29 per image

Simple beauty airbrushing includes the removal of small areas where the surrounding color is uniform, such as moles, small scars, small tattoos, peach fuzz, and other minor blemishes. Simple airbrushing also includes whitening teeth and removing stray hairs. The final image will have a streamlined, almost airbrushed effect.


8. Complex beauty airbrushing:

Starting at $2.99 per image

Complex airbrushing smooths or fixes larger and more complicated areas of an image while maintaining the image's original integrity. Examples include adjusting features such as lengthening a nose or removing a double chin, adding makeup or changing makeup color, reducing wrinkles while maintaining other details, and filling in eyebrows.

A professional photographer

with a lot of work from a recent product photoshoot needs to finish editing their photos.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

An ecommerce retailer

who wants to spend their time making a big impact instead of wasting time on photo editing in Photoshop.

Based on your photos’ quality, complexity, and quantity, we can return your files in less than 12 hours. For larger volumes, it may take up to 48 hours. We prioritize your project’s health and ensure timely delivery.

Few can match our competitive pricing, high-quality work, and swift delivery. Our clients value our dedication and dependability.

Yes, we offer substantial discounts for bulk images. Contact us for a custom quote that you’ll find appealing.

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We accept both. Whether you need our clipping service for a single photo or a thousand, we’ll give your every order just as much attention while working on it.

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