Image-Editing Services

We serve our clients with professional Photoshop, retouching and clipping path photo-editing services.

"I have to say, your team is amazing! Everything is done so fast, and so professionally. The quality of work on the images we submitted was perfect."

– Nicholas Scalice


Clipping path

Today’s online shoppers demand to see your products set against white backgrounds and in context. Editing all of those images takes a ton of time, time that you could be growing your business. Clipping Path India’s hand-drawn clipping path services save you that time.

Remove background

Be it a white background or a new setting that you need for your photos, background removal can help you tell consumers where you want them to focus. Background removal and manipulation make products shine — and consumers convert.

Image masking

Advanced Photoshop skills and meticulous attention to detail are required to accurately remove the background in complex editing projects. Whether it’s the hair of a model or the fur of a stuffed animal, we deliver a clean edit so you get a life-like image.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow image-editing services help your products pop off the screen and catch the eye of online shoppers. Creating a shadow effect that looks realistic and enhances the consumer experience requires tedious, skillful work — work that we’re professionally trained to do.

Ghost mannequin

Apparel needs to come to life, but mannequins and models are expensive. Not to mention, they’re more difficult to fit and style. Give consumers a real impression of the clothing and accessories you’re selling with an invisible mannequin.

Color Variants

If you have products that come in multiple colors, shooting all those variations is expensive and takes a lot of time. We can help you display all of the color variations without adding to your photoshoot budget.

Photo retouching

Photoshop retouching — also referred to as image retouching, airbrushing or simply “Photoshopping” — helps set the tone for your photo. Add warmth to the photo, make your product glow, restore skin details, or add props to your shot with our Photoshop retouching services.

Product photo editing

If you’re selling online, there are tons of requirements, trends and buyer behaviors to accommodate with your product photos. We’re well-versed in various online marketplaces and can help you remove backgrounds, align products, and adjust image margins to meet your requirements.